Mission & Values

We are a mission-driven organization, and strive to embody our core values.

Mission Statement

The UC Berkeley chapter of FBLA-PBL aims to develop business leaders who care about making an impact in the world. To that end goal, we serve these three stages of a member's personal and professional development.

Finding their passions

Honing their skills

Building a winning profile

As part of that journey, we provide resources and opportunities to help members reach their professional goals.

Core Values

  1. You Get What You Put In
    PBL members do not follow predetermined paths. Rather, we encourage you to define your own success, and how you achieve your goals. By providing you with the tools you need and endorsing a hands-on approach to learning, we enable you to own your projects. We want you to become leaders who think independently, inspired to maximize your potential. In PBL, you get what you put in, and our achievements are proof of that philosophy.

  2. Small-Club Feel
    At its core, PBL is not a business, nor a non-profit organization. We understand that, while preparing for life after college is important, our short 4 years here are just as significant and precious. And PBL’s member-centric mission reflects that. Joining PBL isn’t merely being a member of another on-campus organization, but becoming part of a family. We may come together from different backgrounds, but we unite to celebrate each other's successes, learn from each other's mistakes, and push each other to achieve more.

  3. Question the Status Quo
    We champion bold ideas. PBL holds a culture of innovation in high esteem, encouraging members to make an impact in both the organization and the real world. We not only welcome good ideas, but also complement them with our network and resources to help you turn your goals into reality. We attract people who challenge existing practices and constantly consider how to contribute and improve—people who go on together to leave an impact wherever they go.

  4. Leave Your Legacy
    PBL fosters leaders who leave legacies. Given our fleeting time in college, we seek to inspire each other to leave a mark on our committees, the organization, and UC Berkeley as a whole. We strive for more than temporary solutions that cease when you leave. Instead, we choose to focus our efforts on leading projects with long-lasting impact, so we can walk away knowing we’ve made a concrete, sustainable difference.