• We are the only general business organization on campus that is sponsored by both the ASUC and the Haas School of Business
  • Because we are a chapter of a national organization, you will have state and national opportunities that go far beyond the Berkeley campus
  • Unlike many organizations that focus on specific career fields, PBL has a wide variety of programs and committees that will help you get to where you want to be
  • Since we are open to all majors and years, you will have the opportunity to bond with those of various backgrounds. This also means our Alumni network is very broad.

No. We are the college branch of Future Business Leaders of America–Phi Beta Lambda, a business organization with no rush or pledging process. Our choice of greek letters reflects the name of our well-known high school branch: Φ for future, β for business, λ for leaders.

Many of our applicants come to all three, as they each serve a different function:

  • Info Session #1 & #2 are our general info sessions, and they give an overview of who we are and what we can provide.
  • Social Mixer invites potential applicants to interact with our officers in a casual setting before interviews, as we believe this is the best way to assess the cultural fit between an applicant and the organization.
  • Campus Casual: everyday casual clothing.
  • Business Casual: dark or khaki bottoms with a casual blouse or dress shirt. Clean cardigans and sweaters are accepted. Close toed shoes are preferred but clean sandals for women are acceptable.
  • Business Professional: business suits you would wear to a career fair or interview - dark bottoms with a light colored dress shirt and a blazer jacket. Shoes must be close toed with dark socks.
  • Dress to Impress: cocktail attire.

Yes, you can still join! PBL is open to anyone who has an interest in business and leadership, so it does not matter what your major is. We have a variety of committees and programs that cover various industries, skill sets, and career fields. Come join our community that consists of various majors who share a passion for business!

Acceptance into PBL committees are heavily based on fit - how you fit into the interests of the committee, as well as the culture of our organization. You can read more on our core values on our Mission & Values page.

Each of our 7 committees (Internal Networking does not take on committee members) take on anywhere between 6 to 8 committee members each semester.

Committee Membership has several mandatory commitments including meetings, tabling, and general events, but is a much more rewarding option as we believe that "you get what you put in".

Yes! We accept Committee Members every single semester, so we highly encourage you to apply!

Unfortunately not, but we highly encourage you to re-apply next semester.