This semester, the curriculum will focus on the breadth of financial knowledge, spanning both buy-side and sell-side roles and including finance functions in non-financial institutions. The goal is to develop your financial literacy through workshops and assignments while also providing opportunities to apply the knowledge and concepts learned through hands-on projects. You’ll develop the necessary skills essential to successfully recruit and interview for positions in finance.
However, we are not simply focused on teaching. Throughout the semester, there will be ample opportunities to develop personally and professionally with career panels, networking opportunities, and access to a vast resource of PBL alumni currently working in finance. A thing to note is that our curriculum does encompass a fairly significant workload, but “You get what you put in.” We truly believe that if you are willing to put in the effort and show a genuine interest in what you’re learning that the process will be anything but tedious.

About the Chairs

Name: Chloe Lin

Year: Freshman

Major: Economics

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [FI] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [FI] Chair

Known for: For saying "bag" differently because I'm Canadian

Hobbies and Interests: Cafe hopping

Necessity: My dog

Name: Nancy Chen

Year: Junior

Major: Economics

History in PBL: Spring 2016 [CO] Committee Member, Fall 2016 [CO] Chair, Spring 2017 [EX] VP of Corporate Relations, Fall 2017 [IN] Chair, Spring 2018 [FI] Chair

Known for: Snacks 

Hobbies and Interests: Snacks and Running

Necessity: Snacks

[FI] Past Works