The Design Committee goes beyond standard perceptions of business and enables you to express and foster your creativity in a professional setting. Utilizing the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop and Illustrator) members will engage in collaborative, business-relevant projects including an extensive end-of-the-semester project. The curriculum provides members with ample practice in classic graphic design as well as industry-specific design applications such as rapid prototyping, UI, and design thinking. Through company tours, members will have the opportunity to explore diverse design-related career fields, make connections, and learn to use human-centered design thinking to solve problems. By the end of the semester, members will be equipped with the skills, tools, and confidence needed to create a polished portfolio and be proficient in producing client-ready work.

About the Chairs

Name: Meejin Choi

Year: Sophomore

Major: Cognitive Science

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [DS] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [DS] Chair

Known for: Moffitt queen

Hobbies and Interests: Design, photography, movies, Gong cha

Necessity: My mom and ice cream

Name: Sabrina Ni

Year: Sophomore

Major: Cognitive Science and Media Studies

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [DS] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [DS] Chair

Known for: Always wearing a cap

Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, music, animals, photography

Necessity: Phone/music

[DS] Past Works