The Consulting Committee aims to educate and empower the next generation of consulting and industry leaders. Through exposure to real life case studies, you will hone your analytical skills and develop innovative strategies to solve the world’s most pressing business problems. If you want to transform ideas and insights into real growth opportunities, this is the place to learn.

About the Chairs

Name: Rena Song

Year: Freshman

Major: Economics

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [CO] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [CO] Chair

Known for: Napping

Hobbies and Interests: Tennis, skiing, food

Necessity: My cats

Name: Sean Lee

Year: Senior

Major: Business Administration 

History in PBL: Fall 2016 [CO] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [CO] Chair

Known for: My 15 minutes of fame - I've gone viral last semester with over 10M+ video views on Facebook!

Hobbies and Interests: Design, hiking, debating

Necessity: My Amazon Kindle

[CO] Past Works