The Community Service Committee strives to incorporate community service into businesses through knowledge and experience. In other words, the Community Service committee is all about immersing its members (you!) in PBL culture whilst applying service to put a twist on it. Committee members will be introduced to the world of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the impact it has throughout communities. This semester, we will have a variety of projects. Members will be leading their own service projects and will brainstorm, plan, contact, and eventually run those events. Additionally, larger-scale projects such as iMentor, Spooktacular Festival and Berkeley Project will be held throughout the semester as opportunities for the Community Service committee to give back directly to the local area. Finally, case studies and small workshops (MK, FI, CO, HT, DS) will expand the members’ knowledge in certain fields while also allowing them to showcase their own abilities and skills in a creative manner.

About the Chairs

Name: Kira Guo

Year: Freshman

Major: Public Health/Economics

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [CS] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [CS] Chair

Known for: Stalking people on instagram

Hobbies and Interests: Traveling, Netflix, watching cute animal videos

Necessity: My mom's cooking

Name: Emily Jin

Year: Freshman

Major: Economics, Data science

History in PBL: Fall 2017 [CS] Committee Member, Spring 2018 [CS] Chair

Known for: Being naturally funny

Hobbies and Interests: Singing, the Binding of Isaac

Necessity: Spicy food

[CS] Past Works