A brief overview of all the committees within our organization.

Helping PBL give back to the community through community service events and large-scale programs as well as providing members the opportunity to research and develop corporate social responsibility initiatives for big name companies.

Hone your analytical and critical thinking skills through exposure to a plethora of unique business situations to gain an educated understanding of consulting and business as a whole.

Express your creativity in a professional setting. Members will engage in collaborative, business-focused projects that will expose them to classic graphic design as well as industry-specific design applications (rapid prototyping, UI, design thinking, etc.)

Focusing on breadth of financial knowledge, from buy-side to sell-side roles, members will develop their financial literacy as well as be exposed to essential skills needed to successfully recruit and interview for positions in finance.

Our goal is to assist in creating lasting friendships beyond the semesters you partake in PBL, regardless of position within the organization. PBL can easily reach over 100 members we strive to make your PBL experience as ideal as possible. Unfortunately, we do not take committee members

An integral part of every business, our members will be introduced to the essential skills, concepts, and frameworks needed to excel in marketing. Through hands-on case studies and projects you will learn to think creatively and flexibly to attract customers, develop a brand's image, and generate excitement about a product.

Teaching the basics from web development, data management, to software frameworks, members will learn to work in other areas within an organization, bridging the gap between software and business providing a holistic view of how processes function within the tech industry.

Guiding you through the creative side of business and enhancing your technical skills in cinematography and photography, members will get the chance to explore the integration of art within business through projects and portfolio creation.